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Booking a South West Escort for a Somerset Festival

The South West of England is one large area. South West Escorts either have totravel long distances or work in a limited area of the South West. The South West is made up of the counties of Dorest, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

Some of the biggest escorting areas of the South West are the major cities, such as Bristol, Swindon, Gloucester, Exeter and Plymouth. Bristol escorts have always had a large clientele in such a large city, with many visiting escorts making use of Bristol airport. Bristol is also close to Southern Wales, with many South West escorts travelling between Bristol and the Welsh cities of Newport and Cardiff.

Glastonbury Festival Season with an Escorts

The South West is also famous for hosting the Glastonbury Festival. The biggest performing arts festival in the world. I have the privilege of attending this festival for many years, dry years and wet years.

I first took a Bristol escort to the festival many years ago. She was a Bristol escort and looked forward to attending this prestigious event. I made sure she knew about the lack of washing facilities and the proximity to other tents. She was unfazed by this was looking forward to her favourite band, Madness, who were playing. This festival by and large was a dry festival with the sun shining. Her daughter phoned to say her escort mother had been seen on television lying in the sun. Yes a camera in a helicopter had picked her out from amongst the tents. No privacy for anyone.

A festival is a long time to be with an escort, and I made it a rule that she could go off and do her own thing and meet up with her friends without me. This gives us all a break and makes it easier for both of us. In the event the Bristol Escort and I were together for almost all the time.  Another good trick is to give your escort spending money on top of her daily rate. Of course, I was going to buy her drinks and food during the festival, but sometimes its nice that they can reciprocate this. Impulse buys and they wanting to take the lead. With their own spending money, they are able to do this.

Other Festivals in the South West with an Escort

I have also taken escorts to other events in Somerset. Taking an escort to the Pilton party was very much fun. This evening music festival is for the residents of Pilton. Taking a West Country escort to the event proved a great evening out for both of us. The Bristol escort was over the moon in being able to meet with the Festival Organiser, Michael Eavis.  He was her hero and loved that he donated so much to charities both National and Local. 

We again were very luck with this festival. A lovely dry evening. Though officially there is no camping, we stayed overnight in the camper van. We should have had a notice on the van, if the van is rocking, then don’t come a knocking.

I would recommend all music lovers who don’t have a partner to consider taking an escort to a music festival. It can be fun. You need to choose with care, choosing the correct escort for the music festival you want to go to. So far I have been successful with three different escorts. Each escort has taught and shown me various aspects of the same festival. I can’t say which I enjoyed the most with, but I can say they all showed me something unique. I also hope they all enjoyed their time there. I most certainly did and I am now looking for the next South West Escort to take to a festival.