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Bread Crumbing With Escorts

Bread Crumbing means leading a person on via social media or dating apps. It is where you are not really that interested, but the minute that they get bored or start to withdraw from the interaction with you, you do just enough to keep them interested without actually being interested in return. Back in the day it used to be called dick teasing and it led to a hell of a lot of people getting into very bad situations and a whole lot of awkward social situations. Oh, and a lot of very pissed off people. But now with social media both sexes are at it. So I suppose the opposite would be clit or pussy teasing? 

Every professional escort girl and escort agency receptionist has experienced Bread Crumbing from fake clients pretending to be interested in meeting them. But they always need a bit more information, or extra photographs or, or, or… The highest profile escorts Ibiza has to offer are especially prone to this problem where dirty manipulative sleazy pigs get contact details from escort directories or escort agency web sites. They then contact the girl directly or contact the escort agency receptionist from a fictitious messaging app such as WhatsApp, Telegraph, Signal or Viber. This is even easier now that there are apps which allow you to create totally fictitious phone numbers and use them on messaging apps without even having multiple phones. Their objective is to obtain sexy photos or just to wank off during the conversations. 

Bread Crumbing in the context of professional escort girls and escort agencies often goes hand in hand with Catfishing. Yes, even more terms for you! Modern life is so damned complicated! Do you remember when people just used to meet in clubs or bars, chat with each other and then one of them would ask the other out on a date or they would just hook up there and then either in the car park or back at somebody’s place? The most complicated the technical terms got then was “Your place or mine?”

Anyway, Cat Fishing is where someone sets up a fake online social media presence with the intention of catching someone up in their web of fictitious bullshit and lies. The aps I mentioned make that annoyingly and disturbingly easy to do now. And it is amazing just how much time is taken up with Bread Crumbing and Catfishing. Hey ho.