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Internet Facts – Sexiest Girls Escort Tenerife

While the internet has been around for approximately forty years, it is only in the last decade or so that the internet has become the huge phenomenon that it is. It is now so integrated into everything that we do, for pretty much every society on earth, that we forget that the internet was unusable for all except real esperts until the first web browser – Netscape – was created by Marc Andreesen in the early nineteen nineties. Even then, the inflection point was not reaced until the mid two thousands when widely available broadband and mobile technology made it possible to develop, use and monetise web sites. Even with the way that the web is so big a part of what we all do every day, there is still a lot about the world wide web that most people do not understand.

Porn and sex is really high tech – four of the one hundred largest web sites in the world by traffic volume are pornography sites. Bear in mind that twenty one of the top one hundred are various forms of Google (UK, Spain, Australia, et cetera). Pornhub is larger than either Bing or eBay. Which is why making a site marketing the sexiest girls who escort Tenerife visitors is such an uphill struggle. The internet might not have been developed solely for sex, but my goodness it is a very large part of the world wide web and it needs a lot of hard work and technological savvy to make a sex web site of any kind successful.

Humans are only half the traffic – You have probably encountered a check box where you have to solve a puzzle to prove that you are human and not a robot. This is because around fifty one per cent of all the traffic on the web comes from automated bots rather than humans.

Greenland has the most connected population – Although it might often seem that everyone has an internet connection at all times, the truth is that most countries in Europe and North America only have a seventy to eighty per cent connection rate. The most highly connected population is Greenland, where ninety two per cent of all those living there have an internet connection. But, frankly there is nothing else to do there for eight months of the year anyway. I dread to think what they did before the web came along.