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Men, Insecurities And Escorts – 2nd Circle Madrid escort

First things first. If you are totally confident in your ability to seduce women and get the sex that you wanted any time you wanted, then the only reason to see an escort is because you know that they will leave when you have finished. A man does not pay escorts for their time if he is totally confident in himself and has no insecurities. The majority of men who pay for time with Madrid escorts do it because high class escorts are able to provide a form of validation for them – sexual, physical or emotional. What most women do not understand is that very few men ever feel totally validated, secure or confident about who they are. They are at least as riddles with insecurities as women are.

Clearly, pretty much every man in the world wants to hear that they are the most amazing thing ever in bed. Every man wants to have a beautiful woman give him the eye in a lustful way and make him feel as though he is the hottest thing ever. What could be better that having a beautiful, sexy, sensual and sexually expert Madrid escort tell you that you are a great lover? It is a bit like Cary Grant said “every man wants to be Cary Grant. Hell, even I want to be Cary Grant” Every man wants to be the greatest lover in the world. Or at least they want a sexy woman to tell them that they are.

Some men simply want to feel desirable and to feel that they are loveable. Other men want to be told how successful, powerful and awesome that they are. In many ways, single men who visit escort girls tend to be significantly more insecure, stressed and depressed than their married male counterparts. They still have the problems of getting laid, and they have not yet shown that they can get a woman to commit to them long term, so their ego needs more massaging than that of a married man.

Being a man these days is an exercise in having your ego crushed. Do you earn enough? Have you transformed your bosy like Chris Hemsworth? Are you dressed in all the right clothes? Do you drive the right car? Live in the right place? Have the right laptop? Go to the right holiday location? It is not wonder that men just want a little time where they are made to feel that they are enough by a beautiful and desirable woman.