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To Hell With Motivation. Cultivate Discipline

According to The Oxford English Dictionary, Discipline is a noun. To be specific, it defines it as The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience. Which sounds a bit crap when you apply that to yourself, really. Especially as punishment is something I deal out to other people as a professional Dominatrix. It certainly is not what I want to do to myself every day. On the other hand. as And McNab (real name Steven Billy Mitchell) says “who the fuck says you have to be motivated to get something done?” And that is absolutely right. So my new code when it comes to exercise, eating, blog posts, admin, book keeoing, the whole of my life in fact, is very simple. To hell with motivation. Cultivate discipline.

So, back to the definition for a moment. Whilst this is helpful its not quite what I had in mind in terms of creating a more structured approach to my life. However, to use this definition I could say. I have codes of behaviours that I adhere to at all times in certain areas of my life. These behaviours do not change and will become habitual therefore removing the need for as much discipline. That is the way I have always run my business with the best escorts Las Palmas has to offer. Method, order routine. That way I do not have to keep thinking about what to do next as I always know in advance and can focus on doing it as well aas possible rather than having to spend time and energy working out what to do.

On top of this I obviously need motivation either to move toward better behaviours to make my life better or to move away from behaviours that make my life worse. It doesn’t really matter if I move away from or toward as long as I move from my current situation. Therefore the perceived “pain” of staying where I am needs to be greater that the “pain” of making a move.

All this sounds a bit deep especially when what I am actually wanting to do is simply my life make it more structured and better, control what I need to and what I can then let the rest go.

It has to be right for me and fit with my life style and no matter how much I admire or think I admire others who seems to be amazingly self motivated and strong.